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Introductory offer:

Three class pass 25  (good for 2 months)  

or 10 class pass 75 (good for five months)

or one month unlimited classes 75  

or three months unlimited 225  

Please note the Introductory special is one time only and reserved for new clients

ClassesPrice Purchase
Single18Valid 1 Month
575Valid 3 Months
10140Valid 4 Months
15205Valid 5 Months
20260Valid 6 Months

When you sign up for Autopay you are helping to support the studio as a valued member of a local small business. In return we offer you our best monthly rates. Your membership is billed on your credit card each month.

There is no registration fee. Autopay may be stopped at any time with 30 days notice. There is a $30 cancellation/administrative fee.

Monthly autopay membership

4 classes monthly 50

8 classes monthly 85

Unlimited classes monthly 99

Unlimited Family for two:  174


1 month unlimited  110    

3 months unlimited  300  

6 months unlimited  560  

1 year unlimited  1056  


1 hour in-studio  85

1 hour offsite  95

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” I am here to embrace the mind/body/spirit of yoga. To accomplish this I have made a commitment to take advantage of the wide variety of classes and the unbelievable flexibility of the schedule offered by Movement Arts.. Even being away for several months during the winter, I still find the unlimited membership to be the best value. I do not have to worry about how many classes I have missed. Being so practical about money, it also forces me to get the biggest bang for my buck and actually get out there and take classes.” Patti Pontikis  


“I have to confess, I’m keen on improving my health, flexibility and strength. As I’ve aged, I have found it’s more and more important to just keep moving. Does that sound familiar? Movement Arts helps me keep moving in a community-centric, supportive fashion that has kept me a happy member for two years now and has measurably improved my overall health.That’s why I decided to take the Movement Arts “unlimited” membership. With the unlimited membership, I never have to think about how many classes I’ve taken, or which class I should be taking – I just take the classes I want, when I want, and that means one less thing to think about.” Jeff Lemkin